Lana Del Rey @ HMV Institute Birmingham

Posted in LDR on November 25, 2011 by Swell

In all the excitement of posting yesterday, some how I completely forgot to mention I went to see the newest singer on the scene who is making quite the impression, the beautiful Lana Del Rey. It’s my sister Natasha who is her biggest fan tbh, she somehow managed to get our names on the guest list at her Birmingham show! Get that. Having only heard a few songs which are pretty darn good, more soft, haunting and sweet numbers are the ones she sings sooo goood. But yeah, after waiting a ridiculously long time for her to come on, she was worth the wait. Another bonus is we were at the front so could literally see everything!! Im assuming you’ll have heard of her, if not check her out!! Guaranteed to be a follower after.



My Week With Marilyn

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Out Tomorrow.

Ze German Markets Are Back :D

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Birmingham can proudly reveal that we do have that extra special treat when it comes to that festive season. The famous German Markets, a place to indulge in mulled wine, beer, crepes and obviously hot dogs! Me and my friend Krishan decided to check out the market early this year, but I have a feeling that the crowds will only get bigger nearer the winter period. We had an amazing time, we got some beer, and beer is most defs not my drink but the drink was actually ok, the mutual feeling that every person had to explore different things such as food, drink and european exports was taken fully on board and everyone seemed to be having a good time without any altercations witnessed. It was a great time to catch up with him but also enjoy the festivities available. They have also extended the markets with now even more attractions. I was pleasantly surprised !! I will defo go again and I will have some photos to share with you !

The Big Launch D. Versace & H.N.M

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So as I mentioned in some post earlier, the new collaboration that HNM and Versace are doing has finally come together, yes, the hype was just unbearable for some shoppers, with reports of camping out the night before. ghastly if you ask me. But nevertheless, the collection looks definitely Versace inspired pieces with the signature bright colors and iconic patterning but you can also tell that it is very high street due to it’s excessive need to over power the design. The promotional work done for it, many many months in advance of course caused a stir therefore causing this insatiable need to get a hold of an item of the new line.

Check out the advert for it. Pretty Quirky Though.

M83 – A new love-o

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How on earth I did I not know of M83?  This exciting french export  has unveiled albums of beautiful music. A lovingly put together mixture of rich beats and strokes of pop, electro and soft vocals with an distinctive influence of the 80’s to produce content easy on the ears. The song Midnight City, has this uplifting and victorious effect making you feel champion and smiling at the end of the song without the over doing of drums and heavy additional textures. As a big crystal castles fan, this definitely feels along the same route, so you could pair them up in a playlist together.

The artist behind the M83 alias is french born Anthony Gonzalez with the additional help of his brother on vocals, a drummer and keyboardist. Check out their latest album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming but the song that got my attention was “We own the sky ” taken from the album Saturdays = Youth.




Top Boy… Have I seen this all before ??

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Guysss, sorry for the delay. It’s a pitiful excuse but I have been genuinely been busy. But boy, do we have many a things to catch up on!! One of them being, the 4 part drama on channel 4 entitled TopBoy, tbf, you can’t have missed the somewhat aggressive advertising, at one point I though I was getting stalked by the promotional posters. They were everywhere !! Not knowing much about the actual content of the drama, I did tune in, but unfortunately it failed to impress me on an original idea. How it was shot, camera angles and dialogue, I was extremely impressed with, it did capture the true essence of the backdrop they were trying to establish. But having said that, I believe all it did was reinforce the existing stereotype of the “black drug dealer” and the inner city urban kids dealing with lack of financial funds and a broken home. The acting was good and Ashley Walters was a great character but I do feel a bit let down. There was the token white boss who was running things but it was all been there, seen that. ** Thumbs shaking in the middle **

Sleeping Beauty

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I came across this particularly intriguing trailer which I wanted to share with you. I know Emily Browning from Sucker Punch and I am unashamed to say Lemony Snicketts A Series of Unfortunate Events (which I loved) and I found it rather thought provoking because nothing is given away which I find many trailers do.  Although she looks extremely young for such a controversial role, she did an amazing job of it. It dips into the dark and unspoken world of prositution and desires which makes you question who she really is throughout the film.  There are scenes which are quite uncomfortable to watch and was taken aback by but looking retrospectively at it, it is those scenes that make up the film   There is no real narrative but there is a story which does invoke questioning of the film after watching it.

You watch it.